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evomoto 125cc


Short summary for English speaking visitors


Motorcycles in general suffer from a quite high driving resistance especially when considering their relatively small size and low weight. This is especially due to their high aerodynamic drag which is owed to their poor drag coefficient and large cross-sectional area. The new evomoto concept improves both these factors and therefore reduces the aerodynamic drag significantly. This is achieved by a new driver position on the motorbike: the drivers feet are accommodated above the front wheel while the drivers body rests in a seat with an adjustable inclination. The driver can electrically recline the seat for higher speeds and get it in an upright position for urban driving conditions. Additionally, specially shaped fairings guide the air around vehicle and driver thus lowering the coefficient of drag. As a positive side effect, the new driver position and the fairing considerably improve driver comfort and weather protection compared to regular motorcycles.


There are various ways of how to take advantage of the reduced aerodynamic drag. In a first step, the evomoto concept was implemented with the goal of maximum fuel efficiency. The prototype evomoto 125cc is based on the Honda model Innova 125i. The modifications enabled a 60% reduction in aerodynamic drag, resulting in a 40% increase in top speed (now 130kph) and a 50% reduction of fuel consumption (now 1litre of gasoline per 100km, equal to about 234mpg). You can find pictures and videos of the evomoto 125cc here. It is officially approved by the German TUV and already completed 18000km of test rides on public roads. You can get an insight to the fuel consumptions during the test rides here.


Basic technical data of the evomoto 125cc:

125cc 4-stroke gasoline engine, fuel injection with controlled catalytic converter, 6,8kW at 7500 rpm (unchanged Innova engine)

4-speed-gearbox, semi-automatic, foot pedals for up-shifting (right) and down-shifting (left)

Curb weight (fuelled) 114kg, max. weight 275kg

Length x width x height 2150-2300 x 560 x 1240 [mm], seat height 600mm, wheel base 1240mm

Fuel capacity 3,7l

Cargo capacity in the rear fairing: about 30litres


Aerodynamic drag (driver wearing rather tight fit textile motorbike wear):

driver reclined: cWA 0,21m2

driver upright: cWA 0,23m2


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